Compelling Reasons To Utilize ER Laboratory Testing For Your Health

Posted on: 26 July 2023

When you have suffered for several days with cold or flu-like symptoms, you may want to know exactly what is wrong with you and why you are not feeling better already. You may wonder if you need to take an antibiotic to get better.

However, when your primary care doctor's office is backed up with patients or not open because of the weekend or a holiday, you may wonder where you can get the help you need with your health. Your solution could be to utilize local ER laboratory testing services.

24/7 Availability

Emergency rooms are typically open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The doctors and nurses there can draw blood or take biological samples from you and have their labs test your samples to find out what is wrong with you.

This availability spares you from having to wait for your primary care doctor's office to open after a long weekend or holiday. You also avoid having to wait for an appointment time to open up so you can get in to be seen. You can go in for ER laboratory testing anytime at your convenience.

Extensive Options

Further, the ER laboratory testing you undergo may be more versatile and extensive than the blood tests you could undergo at your primary doctor's office. Your regular doctor may only be able to run tests for a few common illnesses. This provider may be unable to find out if you have something more serious or exotic wrong with you.

However, the ER laboratory testing may be able to pick up on diseases you might have picked up and brought back with you after traveling internationally. It may also detect fungal or bacterial infections that may be harder for regular in-office blood draws to detect. You may find out exactly what is wrong with you the first time when you undergo ER laboratory testing.

Faster Healing

Finally, because ER laboratory testing operates around the clock, you may find out in a matter of hours what is wrong with you. This fast turnaround can allow your ER doctor to prescribe a medication to you faster so you can start healing from whatever is making you sick. You may avoid having to wait days or longer to feel better. 

ER laboratory testing may be available 24/7 and find out what is wrong with you faster and better than testing at your primary care doctor's office. You may get medications you need to feel better quickly. 

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