The Benefits Of Visiting An Urgent Care Center If You Have A Sore Throat

Posted on: 29 July 2022

When you have a sore throat, you may be tempted to just tough it out and hope it goes away on its own. However, there are a number of benefits to visiting an urgent care center instead. When home remedies don't eliminate the pain quickly, or if you have a fever along with your sore throat, consider stopping by an urgent care center ASAP. Here are several reasons why it's a good idea to have your sore throat assessed by an urgent care clinic practitioner.

1) Urgent care clinics can get you in quickly

For starters, an urgent care center can often diagnose and treat your sore throat faster than a primary care doctor can. That's because you don't have to make an appointment days or even weeks in advance if you're stopping by an urgent care center. Many clinics offer walk-in appointments, and even if you have to schedule online, you can often be seen within hours.

2) Urgent care clinics can perform strep tests

Also, an urgent care center has the necessary equipment on hand to perform a strep test. This can help determine the cause of your sore throat and help guide your treatment. An urgent care center can also provide you with antibiotics if you do have strep throat, which can help speed up your recovery time. Additionally, an urgent care center can provide you with relief from your symptoms while you wait for your antibiotics to take effect.

3) Many clinics accept insurance plans

If you're worried about paying for an appointment, keep in mind that urgent care clinics typically accept insurance plans. Even if you decide to pay out of pocket for urgent care services, you will generally find that they are more affordable than a trip to the emergency room.

4) Convenient evening and weekend hours are often available

It's easy to find a time that works for you if you're visiting an urgent care center in your community. Urgent care clinics are often open late into the evening and on weekends, making them convenient for those who work or attend school full-time. If you're experiencing other symptoms along with your sore throat, such as a fever or body aches, an urgent care center can also help diagnose and treat those as well.

Don't spend another minute battling the symptoms of a sore throat, especially if you suspect you may have a contagious condition. Visiting an urgent care center when you have a sore throat is a safe and convenient way to get the treatment you need quickly and effectively. For more information, contact an urgent care center near you.