How To Maintain Your Great Health

Posted on: 29 April 2018

Are you an individual who can claim that you're pretty much always feeling great? Except for a funny tummy or a headache every now and then, if you are the picture of health, count yourself truly blessed. Of course, you probably want to keep feeling well, and you work on that by eating well, sleeping well and having an exercise routine. From establishing yourself with a family doctor and by keeping online doctor appointments, here are some ways that you can maintain your great health.

Routine Doctor Exams - Have you ever had a friend or an extended family who all of a sudden found out that he or she had an illness that wasn't apparent? For example, maybe one of your friends went to the doctor and thought that friend was trim and seemingly in perfect health, he or she discovered through lab work that he or she had diabetes. That can throw a person for a loop, for sure. The good thing is that individual went to the doctor for an exam, even though he or she wasn't sick. Consider doing the same thing. Establish yourself with a family practice doctor and find out how often you should go in for well checkups. The doctor will more than likely ask for you to get lab work done and will do a thorough examination, keeping a chart of your current health.

Schedule Online Exams - Once you have established yourself with your primary care physician, ask if you can check in with online doctor's visits. Because you are a patient, and because you are regular about your in-person check-ups, you can more than likely set up a phone consultation or online appointment when something minor comes up. For example, let's say that you have a pesky tummy problem that is bothering you. Set up an online doctor's appointment where you can talk face-to-face with either the doctor's assistant or with the doctor. During the phone call or during the online appointment, if the doctor's assistant or the doctor feels that you need to go into the office for an actual visit, an appointment will be made for you to go in for further study. It is also a possibility that your doctor may refer you to a specialist.

Online doctors visits are especially useful if you end up visiting a dermatologist. Because your doctor can see you clearly during an online appointment, he or she might ask you to check in periodically so that he or she can check your progress.