Your Breast Impants: After Surgery

Posted on: 2 March 2018

Your breast implants might have been planned for some time, but it's possible you haven't done any planning for the time period directly afterwards. Good recovery plans enable you to stay comfortable after the surgery and may encourage healing. Remember these post breast implant surgery tips.

Use Cooling Bras

You might be ready for some tenderness and swelling  throughout the area, but sometimes regular ice packs don't quite ease the pain.  You might want to forgo the packs altogether, but if you want to reduce swelling something cool is necessary. Luckily, there are some cooling bras created for those who have had augmentation procedures. Shaped just like the bras you wear at other times, these cooling bras can be put on and worn for comfort. 

Sleep With Wedges

Rolling over when you've had incisions is enough to hurt and pull you out of any restful sleep. This is even more true when you've got incisions and implants on both sides. You may be using pillows to prop you up, but because they're so soft you can still roll over.

A superior choice could be to select a few sturdy foam wedges. Wedged in between your body and the bed, you're not going to be doing much rolling. Because you won't need to concern yourself with waking up in pain, you may find that your rest is more restorative as you heal.

Avoid Salt

You may have known for some time that salt can have a bloating effect on your body. You might even have cut down on daily use before your implant surgery. If not, consider avoiding salt until your incisions heal. Added salt in a diet can make you feel greater discomfort because of fluid retention. In fact, in addition to losing salt for a while you should increase water drinking for flushing purposes.

Wait to Exercise

You might not even feel like jumping around in an aerobics class just yet, but it's best to avoid all exercise until your healing is complete. That's because the wrong move or stretch could affect incision sites and those wounds could freshly bleed. Give yourself an exercise break until you're sure that you won't cause yourself more grief.

Your attention to your own recovery will speed the process. Utilize these recovery guidelines and discuss your body with your augmentation surgeons; they can better guide you regarding healing and ensuring you're proud and satisfied with your new implants.