Tired Of Allergy Meds? Try These Methods To Permanently Get Rid Of Allergies

Posted on: 1 September 2016

Runny, itchy eyes and constant sneezing can really make allergy season a bummer. But so many allergy medications leave you tired and groggy – which doesn't seem much better! Perhaps it's time to take a different approach to treating allergies. There are a few therapies you can try which aim to get rid of allergies permanently instead of just treating the symptoms. Here's a look at your options.

Chiropractic Treatment

Since chiropractic care is safe and natural, the first place you may want to head is your chiropractor's office. If you have a vertebrae out of alignment, it might be pressing on a nerve that's related to your immune system. Allergies are essentially a malfunction of the immune system (it reacts to harmless things like pollen in the way it should only react to pathogens like bacteria). If your chiropractor can adjust your spine and alleviate this misalignment, you may notice a reduction in allergy symptoms. Note that, especially if your spine has been out of alignment for a while, you may need several adjustments before you see a difference.

Local Honey

If it's pollen you're allergic to, you may find relief by adding some local honey to your diet. Make sure it's raw, unpasteurized honey and that it's collected from the local area. The honey will contain some pollen, so eating it will expose you to small amounts of pollen over time, and your body's reaction will likely decrease as you become accustomed to the pollen. Spread a teaspoon of honey on your toast, stir it into your tea, or just lick it off a spoon once a day.

Allergy Shots

If seeing the chiropractor does not work and you're allergic to something other than pollen, you may want to look into allergy shots. Your doctor will give you an injection that contains a small amount of the thing you're allergic to. You'll go back for another shot every month or so, and over time, your body will become accustomed to the allergen and you won't react anymore. There is a chance of serious allergic reactions to allergy shots, so make sure you exhaust other options and are aware of the risks before you opt for this route.

To learn more about treating allergies permanently rather than just masking the symptoms, speak with your chiropractor. They're experts in total body health and may have some other holistic approaches they recommend you take. Contact a clinic like Hidden Valley Chiropractic for more info.