Three Reasons To Switch To Medical Cannabis Oil And Lotion For Body Pain

Posted on: 3 August 2016

If you deal with pain, especially joint pain or issues with your back and neck, you may notice that it gets harder to move as time goes on. If you are on medication for your pain and you live in a state that has approved medical cannabis, you may be interested in trying medical marijuana for your pain issues. There are a number of ways to receive treatment via cannabis, however, one of the ways that you may want to take cannabis for pain is through oil and lotion. Here are three reasons lotions and oils can aid in lessening joint and body pain. 

Can be accompanied by a massage

If you have joint and body issues that you are attempting to treat with less medication rather than more prescriptions, you may want to go with a cannabis oil or lotion. A lotion or oil that can be absorbed through the skin can be utilized during your massages. A massage therapist can perform a massage type specifically to aid in promoting the circulation of your joints. Using a cannabis oil or lotion in the area that can be absorbed can aid in better feeling and less pain. 

No ingestion necessary

Though medical marijuana works well for pain, there are some people who receive other effects such as increased appetite or tiredness after ingesting marijuana. By using an oil on the skin, you may be able to skip these symptoms and instead treat the area directly and when you feel like you are having pain. This way you will not have to deal with smoking or any edibles that may provide more effects from the THC, but will also come with other side effects. 

Carrying in public is much easier

Carrying a vial of oil or a small lotion inside of your bag will be easier than having to carry the equipment to perform other methods of medical marijuana application. Even in areas that discourage marijuana usage, the oil may be acceptable. For students who may have neck or back problems, applying the oil before going to classes may be acceptable, while other methods may not be allowed by different school zones. For those who are elderly and may not wish to have to deal with ingesting marijuana, a lotion can be carried anywhere and used at the first onset of pain. This will make using THC simpler, even in zones that forbid other types of marijuana usage. Talk to a provider, like Pono Life Sciences, LLC., for more help.