How to Calm Down When You're Anxious Over Your Gynecologist Visit

Posted on: 30 December 2015

One of the more intimidating doctor's appointments to go to is a visit to the gynecologist. If you have been putting off your next trip due to nervousness, you might not be approaching your visit in the right way. There are several ways that you can make your next trip to the gynecologist less nerve-wracking. 

Learn About Your Reproductive Organs

Educate yourself about how your reproductive organs work before visiting a gynecologist. Then, when you have a discussion with your gynecologist about a medical problem, you will not feel as confused, the interaction will be smoother and you will feel less anxious as a result. Look at a diagram and learn the names of different parts.

Decide Whether You Want to See the Same Doctor

After your appointment, ask yourself if your doctor made you feel comfortable. It could simply be the personality of the gynecologist and you might want to consider seeing someone else. The job of your gynecologist is to inform you about healthy life choices, but it isn't his or her job to make you feel guilty about mistakes you are making. However, if you'd like to stick to a regular doctor, you might want to consider solo practitioners in your area as well.

Bring a Friend With You

Talk to a trusted friend about your anxieties regarding your visit. Not only can talking to someone help you feel more comfortable, but you may be able to schedule the appointment for when your friend or family member is able to come with you. If you can't bring anyone, spend time chatting with the receptionist and you may feel more comfortable as a result.

Write Down Everything During the Appointment

Write down everything that is said during the appointment. By writing everything down, you will give yourself a sense of control and you will also have something else to focus on, distracting you from your anxiety. Also, by writing down what is said, you do not have to later ask the gynecologist to repeat something. Before you head to the gynecologist, write down any questions you have so you won't forget them and so you have something to discuss in case your mind goes blank.

See Your Gynecologist Annually

Visit your gynecologist every year. Not only is this a good health practice, but by visiting more frequently, you will find each visit to be more familiar. Also, by visiting more regularly, you will be more informed about what is going on with your body rather than worrying about whether your irregular menstruation is a cause for concern.

Eat and Drink Before the Appointment

Have something to eat and maybe a glass of wine before going, unless your doctor instructs you not to. Then, have a plan for something enjoyable you and your friend can do after the appointment. Each of these actions may not completely eliminate your anxiety, but they can make a difference.