3 Tips For Maintaining Your Hearing Aid

Posted on: 30 November 2015

Your hearing aid opens up the doorway to sound. You can experience music, interaction, and conversation in ways you might not be able to otherwise. It is an important medical device that gives you many opportunities to enhance the way you experience life. Your hearing aid needs proper care in order function at an optimal level. You need to be mindful of how you use it and store it on a daily basis in order to maintain it. The last thing you want to do is find out that it is damaged and have to replace it. Here are three tips for maintaining your hearing aid.  

Keep your hearing aid away from the counter when getting ready.

You should not wear your hearing aid when you are getting ready for the day. It should be the last thing you put on before you leave the house. Your hearing aid can become clogged and damaged by hairspray, gel, and makeup. You want to keep your hearing aid in a clean, dry area while you are getting ready, so you should not leave it on your counter in front of the mirror, as stray powder and spray can still reach it. A protective case is your best bet. Wait to put on your hearing aid until after you are dressed. It may also need to be adjusted if you pull a shirt over your head and it gets caught on the fabric.

Carefully clear earwax from the earpiece of your hearing aid.

Earwax is a naturally occurring substance in your ears. It helps to protect your ears from pathogens that can access your inner ear and cause an infection. However, too much earwax can cause your hearing aid to not function properly. Make sure that you keep your ears clean, but take care not to use a q-tip in your ear canal. Pushing a q-tip into your ear can cause your earwax to become hard and compacted. Gently clean earwax off of your hearing aid's earpiece with a damp cloth and allow the piece to dry completely before putting it back into your ear.

Keep your hearing aid in a case when you are not using it.

Keeping your hearing aid in a protective case when you are not using it is a best practice. The case should be hard-sided. Do not leave your hearing aid's case in a hot place, as the heat can cause your hearing aid to warp and no longer fit. Keep your hearing aid in carrying case and in a safe, secure place that is dry and cool, such as a drawer or a bag. This will also help you to keep from losing your hearing aid.

For further assistance, contact a local outlet, such as Clarity & Comfort Hearing Center.