3 Ways Your Experience Will Differ When You Use A Midwife Rather Than An OGBYN

Posted on: 11 August 2015

If you are considering using a midwife to care for you during your pregnancy and delivery, then it is a good idea to do your research and talk with different midwives. They will be able to give you a good idea of what type of approach midwives take and will answer all of your questions. You will learn that midwives see pregnancy and delivery as more of a natural process of the body, while a doctor views it more as a medical process. While both options are great, it is important to find the one that is best for you. This article will discuss 3 ways your experience will differ when you use a midwife rather than an OBGYN. 

A Midwife Has A More Holistic Approach 

As briefly stated in the introduction, your midwife will look at pregnancy with more of a holistic approach. They will look at it as a natural change in the body that you can handle on your own. When it comes to pregnancy, as well as labor and delivery, they will only intervene if there is a medical concern or unexpected problem that arises. This approach is excellent for women who want to let labor take its natural course and want to birth their children naturally. 

They Will Be With You For Your Entire Labor

If you would like to have your caretaker with you for your entire labor process, then a midwife will work well for you. They will be able to stay with you for your entire labor process and coach you all along the way. They will be able to help you breath through each of your contractions, give you ice and cool cloths, help you use the ball, the bathtub, and also help you to walk and progress in labor. They can also help your spouse to help you with these things instead, if you would rather have your spouse right by your side coaching and helping you. Knowing that your midwife is with you for the entire process can bring you a lot of peace and comfort. 

You Will Have Your Baby At Home Or At A Birthing Center 

When using a midwife, you will most likely deliver your baby at home or at a birthing center. A birthing center is a location that is much like your home and allows you to have a very natural labor experience. However, it is safer than your home if something happens to go wrong because there is access to medical care. Some midwives work closely with doctors, such as those at the office of George L Stankevych MD. Some women request to have their midwives come to the hospital with them, so this is also another option.