Sport Supplements And Your Kids: What You Should Know

Posted on: 16 January 2015

When your son or daughter is a dedicated and determined athlete, they will try to do anything to perfect and enhance their athletic performance and endurance. As such, they may approach you about taking sport supplements to assist them in their training regimen. Being a concerned and involved parent, you may feel apprehensive about allowing your child to ingest these substances. Even further, your child may have already purchased their own sport supplements online to jump start their training season. Before you panic or throw out all of their supplements, get to know the facts surrounding sport supplements for teens. Then, you can decide what is right for you and your child.

Not All Supplements Are Created Equal

You may hear the term sport supplements, and immediately panic about potential health risks. However, you need to be aware of the differences between different types of supplements.

First and foremost, there are many different all-natural supplements designed to provide your child with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that they need to stay healthy and in top physical condition. These are the types of supplements that you will have no need to worry about. The nutrition provided is meant to enhance performance by healthy means.

Other types of supplements may have other types of ingredients. Many energy-boosting supplements, for example, contain caffeine and should be used in moderation, particularly by high school athletes. Sleep disruptions, heart palpitations, and the like can be caused by excessive caffeine consumption. So, be sure to read the ingredients list carefully on your child's sports supplements to ensure that you know exactly what you are dealing with.

Monitor Your Child's Dosage

Sport supplements are generally made with an adult metabolism and adult nutritional needs in mind. As such, the dosages are set with such a consumer in mind. 

You will, therefore, need to carefully monitor and determine the dosage your child should take. The best means to achieve this goal is to consult with your child's doctor. They can advise you on the safety of the supplement in general and will be able to determine the proper dosage for your child. Keep a close eye on your child to be sure they do not take more than this recommended amount. 

Keep An Eye On Your Child's Behavior

To ensure your child remains healthy and safe as they take sport supplements,you will want to keep a close eye on their general behavior. Look for signs such as sudden mood swings, dizziness, faintness, shortness of breath, or anything that would indicate that their health is compromised. 

If you notice any troubling signs after your child begins taking sport supplements, consult with their physician, trainer, and coach. They may need to discontinue use of the supplements temporarily to determine whether or not they are the culprit, or dosages may need to be adjusted. 

When you child athlete wants to begin taking sport supplements, there are steps you can take to ensure that they are doing so healthfully. Keep these tips in mind and keep your child healthy and happy.