Reasons It's Time To Switch To Contacts

Posted on: 26 January 2015

Contact lenses have come a long way since they were first developed. Now made from more permeable materials, they are much more comfortable to wear, and much better able to stay in place. While hard lenses have pretty much gone out of fashion, soft lenses have continued to be popular. Here are three reasons it's time for you to switch to contacts.

Give Yourself Better Vision Correction

Contact lenses fit closer to the eye than glasses, so they provide a much more natural vision correction. Because of their shape, vision correction extends from the center of the eye outward rather than in bands across the eye. Multifocal lenses use concentric rings to adjust for near, medium, and distance vision. Improvements such as multi-day-wearable lenses allow waking up in the morning with a clear vision.

  • Contact lenses are excellent for correcting astigmatisms
  • Multifocal contacts are often easier for people to adjust to than bifocal glasses
  • Contact lenses provide a wider field of vision than glasses
  • Some newer contact lenses reshape your cornea during wear, creating permanent vision improvements

Change Your Eyes to Match Your Mood

Wearing tinted or colored contact lenses lets you change your eye color to suit your mood, your outfit, or even the weather. Some lens wearing fashionistas find that the lenses give them greater fashion leeway. Colored vision correcting contact lenses still need your ophthalmologist's or optometrist's prescription.

Wear Contacts for Better Sports Performance

Athletes can benefit from wearing contact lenses. Lenses provide better depth perception and a wider vision field. They are safer than glasses because they are far less likely to become dislodged during game play or practice sessions. Athletes wearing contact lenses should still wear protective goggles.

Reduce Eye Allergy Discomfort by Wearing Contact Lenses

Because contact lenses rest on your eyes, they form a barrier between your eyes and allergens such as pollen.  This reduces inflammation and itchiness, which keeps your eyes much more comfortable. Today's contact lenses are also easier to sleep in, so your eyes remain comfortable should you fall asleep in them. Proper lens care will keep your lenses hydrated, so they stay flexible.

There are many reasons to switch to contact lenses. Vision correction, fashion, athletic, comfort; all are valid reasons, and you may pick more than one. Choose those that resonate with you, and consult your eye care professional like Vision Associates of Marlboro to determine the type of lens that works best for you.